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Time Travel Date Calculator 2.0.0

(Years & Days Calculator on Android)

Updated on June 19th, 2022

System Requirements

  • Windows XP and later (Windows Vista/7/10/11)


Program History

Time Travel is a free application that was first published in 2006.

This program was downloaded and used by thousands of people for at least 16 years.


Program Description

Time Travel can calculate the number of days, weeks, months, and years between two dates and display the values to the user in detail. Go to specific days, weeks, months, and years later or ago from a date. Learn your age in year/month/day format, the number of days, weeks, months, and years from your birthday. Time travel has two visual calendars. The date input to the calendars can be accomplished by using the calendars or date and time pickers associated with the calendars. When calculating the number of days, the option of skipping specific days or including weekdays or weekends. Time Travel is a flexible and user-friendly program.

Features of the Program

  • Detailed calculation of time interval between two dates as day, week, month and year.

  • Travel in the time (Go to specific day(s), week(s), month(s) and year(s) later and ago. )

  • Wide range of time interval: 1601-9999.

  • Skip days while calculating time difference and during time navigation.

  • Automatic and manuel calculation.

  • Date input by using calendars.

  • Date input with date and time picker control in day/month/year format.

  • Day of year and week of year.

  • Return today on either calendars.

  • Add birthdays


How to Use?

You can use this application in order to calculate date difference, go to specific days, weeks, months, and years later or ago from a date. You can learn your age in detail, calculate how many days you have worked, or your employees have worked by using the skip days feature, etc. You can go to specific days, weeks, months, and years later or ago with the Date Navigation feature. This program is easier than you have expected.


How can I use calendars?

This application has two visual calendars. You can enter dates by using these calendars or the date and time picker controls below the calendars. The date of 1st calendar, which is on the left, may be greater than 2nd calendar, or vice versa. However, it would be easier for you to enter the greater date on the right. The date difference between two dates will be displayed in detail at the bottom of application window.


What is Date Navigation feature?

You can use "Date Navigation" panel in order to go to specific days, weeks, months and years later or ago from a date. You can select on which calendar to navigate with radio buttons named 1st Calendar, 2nd Calendar and Both Calendars. You can select time interval of navigation with radio buttons named Day(s), Week(s), Month(s), and Year(s).


How can I use Skip Day(s) feature?

You can skip any day of week during date navigation or while calculating date difference. If you want to skip weekends, you can click the (include) Weekdays button without manually selecting Saturday and Sunday.


What is Auto Calculate feature?

This application automatically calculates date difference when you enter a new date on calendars. If you want to manually calculate by clicking on Calculate button, uncheck the Auto Calculate checkbox. This feature is on by default. This feature makes this application easier to use.



We have updated Time Travel Date Calculator for the latest Windows versions (Windows 10 and 11). We also added a birthday and events feature to the app. Time Travel Date Calculator is a free application. The development, improvement, and quality testing have taken a lot of time. Please, download and try our software. If you like it and can spare a little money, please come back and donate The amount of your donation is not important. For example, only a $5 donation will be greatly appreciated.  We believe in the necessity of free software for personal use. We will add new features to Time Travel with your support. We have no intention to make this software commercial or crippled.

NOTE: Please report problems that you encounter during use of program and also the features that you want to be added to this application. You can send your opinions and reviews to Your opinions will be considered while preparing newer versions. Thank you!


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