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Privacy Policy

Audiosdroid OU apps collect precise location data even when the app is not in use to enable you to discover new music based on your location. With your consent, this location data along with device details, app info, and network performance data and identifiers, in some cases including personal data, is also shared with our trusted partners to understand and improve connectivity and application experiences on wireless networks, and show you ads more relevant to you. You can edit your consent at any time in the app settings. Our Windows apps on the Microsoft Store does not collect any data.


You may consent to the processing of your personal data for the listed purposes. Alternatively, you can set your preferences before consenting or refuse to consent. If you're under 18, do not provide consent. Please note that some vendors may process your personal data based on their legitimate business interests and do not ask for your consent. To exercise your right to object to processing based on legitimate interest please view our vendor list. Please see the privacy policies of our vendors including Fyber, Huq, CellRebel, Monedata, and DeviceAtlas on our vendor list. We use the CellRebel and Huq SDKs to help understand and improve connectivity and this app's performance on wireless networks. The Huq SDK collects anonymized information including location, device, and network data, to use in market research studies.

Section 1 : Fyber (Digital Turbine).

Fyber is an app monetization service. This service combines proprietary technologies and expertise in mediation, RTB, video and audience segmentation to create holistic solutions that shape the future of the mobile app economy.You can learn more about Fyber's privacy policy here.

Section 2 : Appodeal Inc. (Interest-Based Advertising)

The app can share collected location data for Interest-Based Advertising: Allowing Advertisers to infer interests and serve ads to users based on their app activity and location data over time.

You can opt-out of any interest-based advertising through your device settings. When you have opted out using this setting on a device, advertisers will not use in-app information collected from that device to infer your interests or serve ads to that device that are targeted based on your inferred interests.

We collect 4 categories of data for ad serving:

  1. Device data — such as screen size, IP address, location (latitude and longitude), battery charge level, time zone, etc.

  2. We also collect app data, such as Bundle ID, store URL, session length, session ID.

  3. Ad data: impression count per session, click count, finish count, total impression count.

  4. User data (only when it’s passed by the publisher): gender, age, relationship status, interests.

You can see the following Appodeal and partners' privacy policy:

You can opt-out of any interest-based advertising. Go on Google Settings, Ads, and then click on "Disable ads based on interests". When you have opted out of using this setting on a device, advertisers will not use in-app information collected from that device to infer your interests or serve ads to that device that are targeted based on your inferred interests

Section 3 :  Huq Industries Limited
To help us improve our service we collect the following information on an anonymous basis: Operating System, BluetoothName, Carrier Code (Android only), Carrier Name, Sim Code, Charging Status, Device Model, Device Manufacturer, Country, Locale, Bundle ID, Date & time, SSID (network), BSSID (network), Latitude, Longitude, Accuracy (GPS), Scanned networks. In addition to helping us to measure the usage of our app this anonymous information is shared with third parties for their business purposes, including the creation of reports, market, scientific and statistical research and trend analysis. One of these third parties is Huq, data shared does not contain information from which users can be identified and we will not provide additional information to such third parties that enables such third parties to identify you. You can find a full description of Huq and what it does with the information collected via our app here.

Section 4 : Monedata

Monedata (DATA PAYMENTS OÜ, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Lõõtsa tn 5-11, Tallinn, 11415, Estonia,


This app uses third-party addons that collect varied data, which may include device identifiers, location, mobile network coverage and performance, installed apps list and usage stats.


With the user's consent, this data will be collected and shared with those third-parties for analysis and measurement purposes. The user can change his mind at any time by changing the consent.

To learn more about the data collected and see the list of partners, please visit Monedata’s Partners section.

Section 5 : CellRebel

This app uses CellRebel SDK. CellRebel has developed the most advanced SDK to analyze mobile connectivity. CellRebel SDK gathers important network characteristics and reports it to our advanced analytics solution that analyzes and presents it in multiple dimensions such as geospatial as well as device views. With these capabilities, operators can easier understand how its customers actually are perceiving the services and where bottlenecks are. Operators can then improve the network to enhance the user experience in a much more granular and effective way. Application developers can with CellRebel’s SDK also understand how the intended service is affected by network performance and they adapt the service based the data they obtain.

Section 6: DeviceAtlas

Only device models and specs are used to develop apps and services.. No personal data is used.

Section 7: Cumberland Solutions SL

Cumberland Solutions S.L. (Weplan Analytics) is a crowdsourcing mobile data and analytics company focused on the telecommunications industry. Weplan Analytics collaborates with mobile operators, TowerCos and Telecommunications Regulatory Agencies in order to improve their network coverage through Business Intelligence Reports and Network Quality of Experience Dashboards.

Using this app and permitting Weplan Analytics to measure network performance linked with location data (from GPS or network-based location) in a pseudonymized manner, may help improve the performance of the networks you use. Weplan Analytics combines data collected from millions of devices, fully anonymizing data before providing their customers with network performance maps.

Weplan Analytics doesn't collect sensitive personal information like name, phone number or email, nor personal identifiers like Mobile Advertising ID, IMEI, IMSI or ICCID to ensure data is not attributed to particular and identifiable consumers.

To read more about what data is collected by Weplan Analytics and its privacy policy, please follow the link

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